Sunday, July 13, 2014

Mid tray report - picking up habits

Hi again.  One thanks for stopping by to read my rambling about my braces.  I am enjoying the process for the most part.  I could do with a little less of the pain in the first couple days.   I am current enjoying a car ride home and realized I haven't mentioned my tongue and its inclination to play with the ridges of my trays.  That dandy new habit to try and suck all the air out.

They fit snug mind you, I'm not saying they are not fitting correctly, but as with any plastic, pockets of air form either on the outside facing side and fit snug along the inside facing part or vice versa.  I can fix the one air just to form.  For instance my bottom tray is pretty snug on bit side right now but I can "suck" the air out of the outside upper tray. It doesn't affect the inside at all when I do this; the outside just sucks back in air.  Think of a snug boot and how it gets looser as time goes on.

Today the bottom inner ridge is rubbing my tongue raw.  It is all my fault because I keep playing with it.  It is a bad habit that I think I have picked up.

Also I haven't been brushing this tray as often as I should, but the Retainer Brite has been keeping them shiny.  I was brushing the tray when I brushed my teeth, but I've gotten pretty lackadaisical about it.  Ranks up there with my other bad habit of not removing my tray when I drink on car trips.  This is probably going to bite me back in the butt...

Looking forward to the next tray! Thanks again for stopping by.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Tray 6 Almost a quarter of the way there!

Tray 6 is in and the first day hurt like hell.  It is a different tooth it seems each time that decides it doesn't like being turned this way or that way.   Likewise, by the end of the two week period the tray seems like it is getting more worn and jagged that I can barely wait to put the new ones in; Until they get in then I wish I had the other tray back in.  This is day two with this tray and I am already feeling jagged spots.   When I pop them out I can't find them so I can't do anything about it. 

Anyway here are the grill shots:

No Tray
Tray 6 in

My Ugly Mug