Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Day 1 of Will's Invisalign Journey - The Invisalign Diet

I finally took the leap to get my teeth fixed.  After 40 years of Military Dependent style neglect, they are not horribly crooked, but will require 56 weeks of initial treatment.  That's 28 trays and I just started tray 1.

They are not completely uncomfortable as I feared.  There is a little bit of a ridge on the bottoms that my tongue keeps hitting and I can't stop playing with.  Taking some minor OTC pain meds definitely helped the transition as the first set settled.  I haven't become a pro yet at popping them in and out.

I thought I got all the food out from brushing yesterday after dinner, but apparently not as there was a bit of nastiness waiting for me this morning when I popped my tray out to clean my teeth.   I need to be careful about that, I've heard that it can cause cavities alot faster now there is food being pressed against the teeth if I don't clean it. 

This is also my first real blog, so let's see how well I can stick to this Diet thing.   I know why they call it the Invisalign Diet, after the first day, I've noticed I don't want to snack because I don't want to pop these puppies out and brush all that junk away again.  Likewise there is a little drool action when popping the trays out.  I'm sure it will get better as I become more skilled...

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