Monday, August 4, 2014

Tray 7 and 8 A double Post

Realized I forgot to post about my last tray.  Things have been busy at work, and I just kind of forgot.

Here is the grill

Tray 7
 Tray 7 got stained this time around.  Forgot to take my braces out when I was trying to cleanup an icecream cone my little boy was about to topple onto the ground.  It was a green and orange sherbert ninja turtle from the ice cream truck and made my braces glow bright green for a couple days.   It wore out a bit, but you can definitely tell the color was off.

Tray 8

Tray 8 is in now.   Hurts a little bit on the front two teeth, but nothing like the past ones.
My upper canine is getting into place which is awesome.  I can feel the difference in my alignment.  20 Trays left to go, time is going by fast!  I need to play with the whitening stuff, but just haven't had the time nor inclination...  Maybe around Tray 10.

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